Hamsters, rats, gerbils, oh my!

Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week (SPRAW) is a week dedicated to improving the health and welfare of our smaller pet rodents (Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils, Mice, Chinchillas and Degus) across the UK.



Our mission is to improve the lives of small rodents by raising awareness of what it takes to keep your small pet rodents happy and healthy



Our vision is for the UK to be a world leader in the care and welfare of small pet rodents



Our objectives are to:

  • Provide a one stop shop for the public to find out how to care for their pets

  • Positively Influence Government policy to improve welfare standards

  • Promote the 'adopt don't shop' ethos and provide a lost of reputable rescue organizations

  • Provide small animal rescue organizations with a consistent information source

We will be sharing advice, welfare information and handy tips on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages alongside lots of great competitions and daily giveaways.

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