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Fostering a small animal

Ever thought about fostering a small animal? Lea Facey from Rabbit Residence Rescue gives advice on what makes a good small animal fosterer.

Why foster?

Fostering is hugely rewarding as you get to help prepare animals in need, who have been let down by humans, for finding their forever homes, although sometimes it can be difficult not to become too attached!

Fosterers are needed for a variety of reasons such as enabling rescues to cope with large intakes of animals rescues from poor conditions, socialising (getting animals used to human contact in preparation for rehoming), caring for mums with babies and nursing animals with additional medical needs.

What do I need to consider before fostering a small animal?

Ideally, you need a quiet indoor area that gets neither too hot or too cold and that is away from any other pets you may have as well as the busier parts of your home.


Having basic knowledge about the species of animal you are going to foster is always useful so you understand what is normal behaviour, but a reputable rescue will provide you with lots of support if you’re new to fostering a particular species.


Some rescues provide you with everything you need in order to foster, from bedding and appropriate food to cages and enrichment, but others may ask you to provide these yourselves.


You will need to be able to take your foster animal for vet checks as needed and have time and patience as well as space and lots of love to give. 


But you also need to be realistic in that the animals you foster are likely to need some form of additional care rather than being ready to adopt as those animals will be given space at the shelter in preparation for them finding their forever homes.

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