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Who we are

We are a collaboration of UK animal rescue and welfare organisations who care passionately about the welfare of our smaller pet rodents and want to raise awareness of their needs.

SPRAW Partners

Charity Buddy is supporting SPRAW as we feel that there is not enough practical and accurate information currently available to the public about smaller pets. These smaller animals are often housed in inappropriate cages and their welfare needs are often misunderstood. We want  to help share best practice welfare advice to anyone considering taking on a smaller animal as a pet.


Greatfield Small Animal Rescue

Greatfield Small Animal Rescue wanted to support the efforts of SPRAW as we are primarily a small rodent animal rescue based in the Midlands. Very often our adopters have been given incorrect or conflicting advice of care for their pet rodents so find ourselves in the position of educating and providing advice.


Hope for Hoppers Rabbit Sanctuary

Hope for Hoppers Rabbit Sanctuary is passionate about promoting positive welfare of small pet rodents and encouraging new owners to adopt from reputable rescues.

We have fostered many small pet rodents ourselves but have found it hard to find accurate information on every element of rodent care from appropriate sized housing to healthy treats. We aim to help change this through supporting SPRAW.


One Voice for Animals UK

One Voice for Animals UK  gives a voice to over 350 UK animal rescue organizations including dozens of small pet rescues and sanctuaries. We are a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare and supporting SPRAW as part of our lobbying to improve the lives of all pets



PACT Animal Sanctuary

PACT Animal Sanctuary has joined SPRAW because we are passionate about helping all animals and are proactive about spreading correct information to improve welfare. Small animals are a huge part of our rescue work as they are often the most neglected.




PetRehomer has plans to launch a national pet adoption platform that will help pet adopters and rehomers to connect successfully and safely. The platform will also be a hub to share animal welfare advice and we will be hosting the information from SPRAW to help potential pet adopters make informed decisions about the needs of small animals in this category.


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Rabbit Residence Rescue

At Rabbit Residence Rescue we’re passionate about the welfare of all animals. The smaller furries are often overlooked & it's sometimes a struggle to find decent resources & information on how best to care for your smaller pets. SPRAW has created & adapted comprehensive infographics & care sheets to help promote positive rodent care.



Based in Ireland, UniqueChinchillas are passionate about chinchilla welfare and their needs.
We aim to provide people with the best care and the most accurate information when it comes to getting and owning a pair of chinchillas.


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Gerbil Care

We have, for many years, volunteered with a local animal charity, helping small pets. 

Over time, we’ve come to love these fascinating and complicated little creatures. We want to share our knowledge with others and we want to provide the best home we can for the Gerbils in our care – whether that be our own adopted pets or the fosters who temporarily reside with us.



Emily Walker

I've kept small furries, reptiles, amphibians and more for over ten years now. After adopting my first pets, two degus, it became a passion of mine to help prevent these (and other) small animals from living in less than ideal conditions. I currently do what I can to help raise awareness on how to *really* care for small pet animals and how to help them thrive - which is why I'm involved in SPRAW. I also foster and volunteer for Greatfield Small Animal Rescue, an absolutely fantastic rescue with a wonderful owner.


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